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Chimpanzees are showing greater uptake in the attack on the people

Written By Mody Mohammed Saad on May 12, 2012 | 4:02 AM

"Santino", a male chimpanzee at the Zoo Furuvik in Sweden, is developing more and more complex plans for an attack on zoo visitors.
Chimpanzees are showing greater uptake in the attack on the people

Initially, Santino has been known stone-throwing and other "shells" in the visitors, who irritated him. Now it improved their tactics, which requires immediate innovations for the future of deception. Researcher Mathias Osvet, lead author of the article about Santino in PLoS ONE, explains what a clever chimpanzee made:

"Immediately after the group left the visitors an overview of the region, Santino went to their main place to sleep and brought a big pile of hay, which he placed in front of the fence to the public. He then immediately placed under the pile of hay found the stones in advance," says Osvet.

"He's a precaution, placed behind a pile of shells, very invisibility of zoo visitors and staff. Then he sat down near the hay and waited patiently. When visitors returned, he waited until they drew level with a bunch of hay, and without any signs of anger or other emotions, he began to throw stones into the crowd. "

Calculating a sudden attack on the visitors shows only a very advanced way of thinking is usually associated only with humans. Osvet says, "It is interesting that he made these preparations, when the visitors were out of sight, and he also included the innovations in their behavior. And last but not least it is interesting that calculating the male chimps have not experienced any apparent feelings or emotions. It behave as either doing something more than once considered and tested in action. "

Researchers believe that the combination of previous experience with innovation "is a good indication of fairly sophisticated abilities of foresight in the chimpanzee."

After observing chimpanzees for many days, scientists also suspect that Santino is probably just "thinks it's fun" - annoying people. His attacks even seem to be intended for certain people who are likely to really act on his nerves. Attack the more successful, because Santino makes them completely in cold blood, behaving naturally - even a little sleepy - at the moment to throw a stone or other object.

Osvet further suggests that the phenomenon indicates a "one of the most difficult questions in science: as a question (in this case the brain) may be influenced by something that does not yet exist (prediction of the future). And it is not trivial."

Created antibacterial coating capable of destroying 99 percent of bacteria

A simple coating may contain a biological bullet, which is able to kill the most resistant microbes.

Polymer coating developed by biomedical engineer Mary Chan Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and her colleagues have used contact lenses for the two manufacturers. During use, the coating kills 99 percent of bacteria and fungi with which it comes into contact. Coverage can also be used for medical devices, such as, for example, catheters, reducing the need for strong disinfectants and helping to slow the development of resistance in bacteria that colonize the surface of human tissues.
Created antibacterial coating capable of destroying 99 percent of bacteria

The idea of ​​Chiang visited Mary, when she tried to find a way to fight bacteria on contact lenses, often being the source of infections that can seriously damage your eyes. For example, Pseudomonas aeruginosa - bacteria that can actually digest the cornea pupil.

Under the microscope the structure of the polymer coating resembles a sponge. Positive charges on its surface like a magnet attracts bacteria, because they have a negative surface charge. After that, the pores in the polymer involve bacteria inside yourself, breaking cell structures of parasitic organisms and killing them.

Chan has worked on anti-bacterial coating for a long time. She and graduate student Li Peng, developed before the other polymer, which was actually a lot of fluids and kill bacteria without harming human cells. This work was published in the journal Advanced Materials, in March of this year. An earlier version of antimicrobial polymer coatings Chan contact lens was originally developed in the last year and published in the printed edition of Nature Materials.

University press release at Nanyang reports that the latest cover of Dr. Mary Chan will help reduce the spread of disease in hospitals and even in kitchens, where bacteria and viruses are resistant to disinfection - a serious problem.

"Our long term goal is to synthesize our design in the form for internal use, so it can effectively treat bacterial infections within the human body, such as pneumonia and meningitis, replacing antibiotics as a standard treatment," added Chan.

It was first detected light reflected from the super-Earths outside the solar system

For the first time, NASA's space telescope, was discovered by the light from a distant "super-Earths" with dimensions that exceed the size of our own Earth in half. Astronomers call this historic achievement in space exploration.
It was first detected light reflected from the super-Earths outside the solar system

NASA's Infrared Space Telescope - Spitzer, identified the light from alien planet 55 Cancri e, which revolves around its star at a distance of 40 light years from Earth. First extrasolar planet at this lasts only 18 hours. The planet 55 Cancri e was originally discovered in 2004 and was not considered habitable world. Instead, it was known as super-Earths because of its large size: the planet twice as wide as Earth and has about eight of the masses of our planet. But, until now, scientists have never been able to detect infrared light reflected from superzemnogo world.

"Spitzer strikes us again and again" - said the lead scientist of the program, Bill Spitzer Dench, of NASA headquarters in Washington, in a statement on 8 May. "Space is an unmanned spacecraft study of the atmospheres of distant planets, and paves the way for him next space telescope James Webb Space Telescope, which will have to apply more advanced methods of research on potentially habitable planets."

Worth $ 770 million, NASA's space telescope Spitzer, launched in 2003 and currently is in the long-term mission to study the universe in infrared light. During that long telescope mission engineers have changed some settings in the space observatory to optimize its vision of extrasolar planets suitable for life, NASA scientists say.

The next, equally important, an infrared space observatory NASA - James Webb Space Telescope, scheduled for launch in 2018. On assurances of scientists, it is potentially able to show much more detail on the planet 55 Cancri e, and on other similar planets superzemnyh.

"When we first conceived Spitzer - more than 40 years ago - not even extrasolar planets have been discovered," said Michael Werner, Spitzer project coordinator of the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. "Because Spitzer was designed very well, he was able to adapt to this new area of ​​research and to make historical discoveries such as this."

Astronomers discover new scientific methods to search for exoplanets

NASA's Space Telescope - Kepler, looking for planets outside the solar system, discovering in the dimming starlight caused by planets passing by their parent stars, relative to the point of view of Kepler. But there are other methods by which scientists can find a distant worlds that are similar to those which detects the telescope Kepler.

David Nesvorn of the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, and colleagues, working through the data sent by Kepler on Sun-like stars, defined as "Kepler Object of Interest 872," or simply - KOI-872, discovered something quite interesting - in a predetermined passage of the observed extrasolar planets have been late.
Astronomers discover new scientific methods to search for exoplanets

"This discovery showed great variation in time of passage of a planet around its star in excess of two hours' Nesvorn said in an interview with Discovery News. "At that time we were sure that there is something important in the solar system, what causes these changes."

It turns out the planet candidate, identified by Kepler team for the study, was in fact the two worlds the size of Saturn. One was held in orbit in the detection telescope Kepler, second world, at the same time, was hidden from the "eye" of scientists.

Changes in travel time along the orbit, or TTV, never previously used to detect the planet, says astrophysicist Norman Murray, University of Toronto. "Use of TTV, to detect unseen planets, although it was forecasted about seven years ago, but never led to actual discovery"?? Murray wrote in the online edition of the scientific journal Science on Thursday.

Another "invisible world" called Kepler-19c was detected by its gravitational interaction with ekzoplanetarnym brother in 2011. Thus, the opening of the new "invisible world» KOI-872, without a doubt, according to similar methods of detection.

Not so long ago, astronomers have found one more scientific method for the detection of hidden worlds.

"Radial velocity" - a method that searches for gravitational tug of planets orbiting in the optical spectrum of the star. The method as "transit", which uses a Kepler, planets finds that cross the surface of their parent stars, relative to the point of the telescope, thereby creating shaded areas on the background of stars.

Raul between the three Qatar

Up captain Raul Gonzalez, former Spanish to the Qatari capital Doha today to negotiate a move to a club there.
Raul between the three Qatar

The newspaper (MSI) sports, and is widespread in Spain, that Raul will sign a contract with the team or a brother or dam-Rayyan reigning Asian Champions League.

The newspaper added that the brother seems to come closest to win the services of Raul, who spent the last two years in the ranks of Schalke after 16 seasons in the country with Real Madrid.

It is expected Raul (34 years) to sign a contract for two years with any of the three teams with an annual salary of between three and four million euros.

It is noteworthy that Raul had said in his announcement to leave Schalke, not his ability to play in Europe, and alluded to his desire to contest the unusual adventure.

Russia fears affected sales of aircraft accident "Sukhoi"

Officials at the Ministry of Industry and Trade and in the Russian aviation industry companies about their fears of sales affected by Russian jets after a plane crash passengers (Sukhoi) during flight in the skies of Indonesia.
Russia fears affected sales of aircraft accident "Sukhoi"

The news agency (Novosti) Russian officials today, saying, "We hope not to be affected by the demand for these aircraft accident in Jakarta," asserting that the plane "was valid."

The passenger plane disappeared "Sobergat -100", a new model of the Sukhoi aircraft, last Wednesday from radar screens during its journey from an exhibition near the city of Bogor, about 60 km from Jakarta.

She and Indonesian rescue agency that the plane plunged from the height of ten thousand feet to six thousand on Mount Slack, and disappeared from radar screens about 20 minutes after takeoff.

Reported Friday and rescue teams found the bodies of 12 people from the 45 passengers who were present on the board.

Most of the passengers on board were from the Indonesian representatives from local airlines, along with some journalists and representatives of eight Russians belonging to the Company (Sukhoi).

She said the agency (Fitch) credit rating in a statement, she expects to leave the incident, "the negative impact" on the demands for this type of aircraft, but "does not expect to be affected by the reputation of its maker."

The (Sukhoi Sobergat 100) latest Russian passenger plane, and the first air voyage in 2008. The two airlines (Aeroflot) and Russian (Armavia) Armenian run eight aircraft are currently.

"Street View" Santos entered the stadium

Santos, the club announced that Google has photographed the American home and the main courses so that training be available in the service of "Street View", which is famous for the giant search engine on the Internet.
"Street View" Santos entered the stadium

The club said in a statement Friday evening that Google used the three-wheeled vehicle equipped with nine lenses to capture panoramic images of Villa Belmiro city of Santos in Sao Paulo state.

The Villa Belmiro one of the smallest stadiums Brazil, accounting for 15 thousand spectators runways only, but it has a great reputation as receipts witnessed Pele and tours in the past.

This will enable surfers to "Street View" lose the pitch and training facilities on the Internet starting in 2013.

It is known that the service "Street View" and has already toured the cities of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte and Curitiba, and has provided service in a hiking river tributaries of the Amazon.

Gaillo Spain back to the street on the first anniversary of the founding of the movement of May 15

Experiencing different Spanish cities today a series of demonstrations and rallies organized by the youth protesters in the European country on the occasion of first anniversary of the May 15 protest movement.
Gaillo Spain back to the street on the first anniversary of the founding of the movement of May 15

In spite of the events that mark the first anniversary of the movement will be held today, but it will continue throughout the week in various cities and towns, but most notably Ciecdh field of Puerta del Sol in the heart of Madrid, which was launched from the protests for the first time last year.

The protest movement of May 15 had announced earlier that it intends to re-sit in the Puerta del Sol the start of the day 12.

She explained the movement on its website that will continue to sit until 15 of the month, which coincides with the first anniversary of the founding of the movement that began in Spain affected by the revolutions of the spirit of Arab spring.

Reported that the protest comes from the other events designed to revive the movement's demands for change and political reforms, social, political, noting that these events will continue until the 28 of this month.

This comes in spite of its refusal to confirm the Spanish police protests, declaring them to be illegal, and Thagal officials in the various security agencies in Spain that the right to demonstrate and is guaranteed as long as the meeting took place in the framework of rules and law.

The movement was launched May 15, also known as "angry" in Spain to demand radical reforms in the form of a real economic, political, social, and denounce the proliferation of corruption and to maintain the public interest on its own.

It also calls for activating a real democracy, and build an economy that takes into account the social dimension, environmental and sustainable development, based on social justice, and put forward effective solutions to combat the unemployment of about a quarter of the Spanish people.

The protests gained momentum with the new austerity plans approved by the government to tackle the economic crisis that hit the violent European country, which led to large cuts in a number of important services such as education, health, Kmadhart large numbers of workers.

And ratified the Government to plan the country's general budget for 2012, which includes austerity measures designed to provide 27.3 billion euros, in order to reduce the public deficit from 8.51% currently to 5.3% of GDP this year, and 3% in 2013.

The government expects the Spanish decline in country's economic growth by 1.7% this year, with an unemployment rate of 24.44%.

Apple is a special application to dispense with maps for Google

American Computer Company announced the famous "Apple" It's putting the finishing touches to a new application of the maps will be available on all its services instead of Google.
Apple is a special application to dispense with maps for Google

The company said in her blog, part of the newspaper (The Wall Street Journal) U.S., it will provide the new application to customers during a conference between 11 and 15 of the next month in San Francisco after the end of the process of updating the operating system.

The new application will work on smartphones "iPhone" and tablet computers any "Bad" music player "iPod."

I tried the "Apple" has long been dispensed with Google Maps arose on the acquisition of companies "biz's Place" and "Poly 9" and "C 3" interested in this type of application, but did not compete with services shining most popular search engine.

It is expected that maps the "Apple" and use the three-dimensional images close to reality.
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